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Class Actions and Mass Torts

Class Actions and Mass Torts

With the wide-spread use and dissemination of information and products, plaintiff’s frequently find themselves facing claims for which they have multiple co-plaintiffs. Wide-spread impacts to a large sector of the population require special skills to manipulate class actions and mass tort claims against defendants and to recover mass damages in a setting where frequently plaintiffs would be left without a claim because the cost of litigation on an individual basis is excessive given the relative value of the plaintiff’s claim.  These claims are ideal for class actions and mass torts.

Beament Hebert Nicholson lawyers have been involved in numerous class actions over the last several years.  Our team was the first lawyers in Canada to have a class action for invasion of privacy certified as a class action. That action was successfully prosecuted and settled by the commercial litigation team at Beament Hebert Nicholson.

It is absolutely essential, when undertaking a class action or mass tort claim, that the plaintiff’s lawyers are experienced and capable of not only prosecuting a class action or mass tort but in organizing the massive amount of information necessary to prosecute such a claim and to communicate with the hundreds or thousands of potential plaintiffs in a class action.  Our team has been accepted by the Courts as fully capable of prosecuting class action disputes and our successful results demonstrate the depth and breadth of our class action litigation expertise.

Our lawyers will work with you to minimize any inconvenience and to advise you with respect to the appropriate form for prosecuting a class action proceeding.